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American Masonry Restoration has completed a wide range of projects for its various clients. From large complex projects to general maintenance, we are always committed to the task at hand. These include commercial, historical, religious, institutional and industrial buildings and structures. Regardless of the type of project, our trained and dedicated craft workers perform repairs and installations with only the most proven methods and materials of the highest quality. All services are completed in the safest, least disruptive and most cost-effective manner possible. This standard of excellence that we achieve on all types of projects has enabled us to earn and retain our clients business.​


Our experience repairing and maintaining commercial structures protects our clients investments in their buildings and out attention to detail identifies potential problems that could result in costly repairs. 

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Restoring historical structures requires special attention and proven techniques. in addition to our extensive experience, we also provide maintenance services that prevent structural damage in the future. 

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Proper repair and maintenance to details of religious building are crucial to preserving them. We have completed a variety of interior and exterior religious projects, consistently producing quality results.

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One of an institutions greatest assets is their buildings. In addition to repair and maintenance, we also play an integral part in the planning and budgeting for their care, which is essential to their long term existence. 

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We understand the role industrial properties play as the backbone for many businesses. Any disruptions to operations can be devastating, so properly planned repairs and maintenance schedules are crucial.

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